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I'm here! - Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
I'm here!
I flew out of Spokane at 7:00 A.M. My flight to Seattle was short, uneventful and I had no one sitting next to me. My flight from Seattle to Jersey was completely full and, it wasn't so short.
I arrived at the Seeing Eye, unpacked, went to a meeting and did my first Juno walk. Because I have basically no idea who is reading this, I feel the need to clarify. A Juno walk is a walk where the instructor is at the other end of the harness and leash, not a dog. These walks enable instructors to understand things like how quickly a person wants to walk with the dog and how much pull the person wants to feel in the harness. After a tour of the building, I was just really grateful for the 3-hour time change that meant I could crash. I hadn't slept much the night before largely due to the fact that I was up beating my bookport into submission and packing and such.

I did another Juno walk this morning. The Seeing Eye has a fancy new downtown training center. This means that students don't have to sit in vans waiting for lessons to begin. It's pretty sweet. There was a dog handling class this afternoon in which my classmates and I practiced rangling dogs, getting them to settle down andputting them under chairs and such...I have some mad skills in this area I think... There were two labs and one big golden retriever. I did not give a breed preference when I requested my dog; I want the dog that will be best for me, but I'm nervous because I have some golden retriever bias issues, for obvious reasons. I learned today that teams including a second-time dog are statistically most likely to fail. This is often due to the comparisons that go on in the brain of the handler regarding new dog versus previous dog. The awareness is good, but I've never been one for statistics.

Tomorrow is dog day. That's the entry people will actually want to read. My room is already prepared for the dog with a mat and tie-down and such...now I just need my roommate.

Niente Senza gioia!

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