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Thursday Adventures - Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
Thursday Adventures
On thursday morning, Aggie and I went to the courthouse. That's a crazy building. We practiced dealing with going through security checks, but of course these aren't nearly as obnoxious as the ones we'll face next week when we come home. When we returned to campus, we had our pictures taken.

In the afternoon, all four students in our class went to a local university to practice campus travel and patterning dogs to find specific buildings. I seriously have the best small group ever and lessons are most fun when all of us go at once. My instructors are also super great. We had another ever-so-slightly traumatic lecture after dinner about the importance of keeping dogs on the leash (seeing eye grads, he read the "dear george letter...")

The rest...
Aggie usually falls asleep when I groom her. Most of the time, she falls asleep when I comb her head...then she snores. It's kind of precious.
We're going to New York next week.
Rumor has it that I'll get to take Aggie to a childcare center for some kid exposure as part of my freelance training. This is being planned because both of the retrains in my group are future teachers. I'm excited to see how Aggie does with this. She is a super layed-back dog.
Aggie and I are experimenting with a soft-sided crate like the kind I want to put in my classroom for her. She seems to like it well enough; the crate could be super useful for us though so hopefully she likes it a bit more eventually.

More later.

Niente senza Gioia!

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