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Better late than never... - Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
Better late than never...
Aggie and I are home now. Our last week of training was very exciting and very busy; this is why I am just now finishing this particular blog experience. This could break my record for longest LJ post because I'm too lazy to mess with all of that backdating stuff. You'll live.

We went to New York and it was amazing. Aggie got some good practice weaving through chaos on busy sidewalks. We walked through Central Park and Times Square. There were people dressed up like Cookie Monster, Elmo and Buzz Lightyear hanging out in Times Square. I'm still not really sure why, but Buzz looked at Aggie and Aggie got so startled that she laid down in the middle of the sidewalk. She recovered quickly and we finished our walk without further issues. We ate lunch at a brewery restaurant and then headed back to TSE. It was an awesome experience.
I had my exit interview that afternoon. After dinner, we had a lecture about taking our dogs home. It was long and people asked impressively strange questions. After our nightly routine of parking and grooming, Aggie and I crashed

We finally went to a pet store tuesday morning. Aggie acquired a pink dragon toy and some fancy healthy dog treats. In the afternoon, we went to Madison (think hotdog sauce lol). We worked on clicker training teaching the dogs to target light posts. When we returned to TSE, Aggie and I had our vet visit. The doctor told me about Aggie's medical history. Apparently Aggie has extra eyelashes which amused me...there is a fancy medical term for "has excessive eyelashes..." During the vet visit, Aggie got her microchip injected; she was a very good patient. After dinner, we had our final lecture about dog attacks. Put your dogs on a leash and if you can't control them, leave them at home in a fence. If you don't, your dog could endanger a service dog's life. The awareness is good, but I was glad that was the final lecture. After parking and grooming, I stayed up causing chaos and such; all of a sudden I became aware that my time with all of these fascinating people would be ending soon and so my "I'll sleep later..." mentality kicked in. Good conversations were had and I didn't go to bed too late that day.

On wednesday morning, we returned to Madison. The purpose of this trip was to simulate having our dogs working in an unfamiliar area. Aggie did really well and she made me excited to bring her home. We had a presentation about pet ensurance just before lunch.
In the afternoon, we went to a different petstore to get ID tags. Aggie's ID tag is a big heart that says her name and my cell phone number. After the pet store adventure, our instructors bought us coffee which was amazing. My final Morristown adventure with Aggie was a trip to a preschool to experience little children. She did well with the little ones, but I expect she'll be a pro before long as she'll have frequent exposure to a 2-year-old while living in Spokane. The rest of wednesday consisted of packing, dog routines and socializing with my classmates.

I woke up at 4:00 A.M. Aggie and I had a travel buddy from Jersey to Seattle as my godmother was also taking this flight home from a business trip. Aggie was startled by take-off the first time and we had an incident of dog-on-airplane-seat during the flight, but overall, she did very well. During our second flight, Aggie basically slept through take-off and when she wanted to get out of her place during landing, I think she was just echoing the sentaments of everyone else who had a long day of traveling...
the rest of thursday was pretty lazy.

Aggie's first full day home was busy. We went with my sister to lunch and a couple of stores to poke at things. We also visited our friend and Aggie was introduced to my 2-year-old "niece."

More adventures to come; we're off to Pullman next week and Aggie will have many more new experiences shortly.

Niente Senza Gioia!

Current Location: Parents' house, spokane

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read2781 From: read2781 Date: August 13th, 2011 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)
I'm glad you arrived home safely.
From: soprano1790 Date: August 14th, 2011 12:37 am (UTC) (Link)
I have really enjoyed hearing all your adventures and about your training at TSE. I can't wait to hear more. Going to New York with the dogs is always an experience. I'm glad she works well with kids. Lol She should get used to them quickly.
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