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Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
My last entry was indeed my final Philadelphia entry, but only because the computer was taken away... I was scheduled to fly home on saturday, going from Philadelphia to Chicago and then from Chicago to Spokane. When I was checking my bag, I was informed that my Chicago to Spokane flight had been cancelled. (Shortly after that I got my Orbits call...how very helpful) They couldn't re-route me home in any way and they couldn't even fly me in to Seattle. Fortunately, my driver was still there. She arranged for me to stay at Overbrook for another night and so that I could catch a very early flight home the next morning. I left Overbrook at 4:30 A.M Sunday morning, caught a 6:30 flight and landed in Spokane at 10:15 A.M. The time change thing is so weird to me. It was all an adventure; having the entire dorm to myself was beyond strange. Security at the school is very impressive though; I was likely safer there than I am sitting at this computer. I love the diversity found in Philadelphia. Most of the people I met had stellar accents too.

The random stuff...
-I acquired a ton of braille music from the braille teachers at the institute. They told me that what I did not take, they would have to catalog. Since copies can always be made later from the computer, I was given lots of piano and vocal music. I'm jazzed because it gives me things to practice and learn.
-I went to the dentist today and the floss thing they gave me is shaped like a big tooth. I find it to be kind of disturbing...
-The next phase of my research project has taken me in to the realm of HTML code madness. Details later.
-I want huckleberries!!!
-I'm sleepy.

Niente Senza Gioia!

P.S. I may be spending my spring break in Germany.

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I will be home in some amount of hours which I do not wish to count due to time changes and other crazy things. This has been an amazing week. Having so many resources in one place and being able to collaborate for a week with other musicians has been so very helpful. Originally I was disappointed that the program was only a week long and while it will be sad to leave these super smart people who can answer my questions with direct feedback, I am excited to go home and work on improving what I have learned. I have contact information for all of the smart people and I'm sure I will use it. I couldn't fit one more new thing in my brain right now if I wanted to.

Other stuff...
-The happy man Lou isn't here with breakfast (and coffee...) yet.
-I have thanked more automatic doors this week than I care to count.
-If you have a music theory joke that isn't lame, I want to hear it.
-I better not go to Maryland any time soon.
-Ziggie has been so so good this week. Maybe he knows he was raised in this state...or something?
-This school is at least 10 times nicer than the one in Washington. It takes a while to get the layout though.

I guess that's about it.

Niente Senza Gioia!

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I haven't written in a couple of days. When I finally finished my lab homework on Wednesday, I was just plain done. Really though, wednesday was not extra eventful.

Yesterday was a bit more eventful though. I had sight singing and braille class in the morning. Then we had a special Philadelphia lunch. We ate Cheese Steaks and all I have to say about that is that culture is a strange thing to me. The exciting part of lunch in my opinion (aside from my peach 'cause I love peaches...) was my brailled fortune cookie. Apparently this is an institute tradition; there was no attempted connection between fortune cookies and Philadelphia...though I would have liked to hear that. Anyway, apparently "happiness is coming." How precious...

We had a lecture (a long one) after lunch that dealt with scanning music and college classes. I think I'm on the right track with my plans so far and that's good. I spent the rest of the class time in lab, missing theory which was kind of sad. I learned how to format theory assignments in Lime though, so it works.

After classes and a very rushed dinner, all of the students and most of the staff went to the Mann Music Center to hear the Philadelphia Orchestra play Beethoven's first piano concerto and that musical adventure (drug trip), Simphonie Fantastique. It was amazing stuff. I did learn, however, that Ziggie and fireworks are an awful combination. Oh, it was so sad...

I'm about to start my last day of classes. Maybe I'll write about them later. I want coffee...

Niente Senza Gioia!

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First, I forgot to explain my zen Mozart subject line from yesterday. It actually exists on this computer. One student played part of a Mozart flute concerto and recorded it on sonar. Another student played strange jazz chords. The two parts were combined using the software and we called it Zen Mozart.

Today I worked a lot on playing music on the piano. I know how to write multiple parts in lime and do other editing things. We played handbells for our seminar; it was great fun. The teacher who taught the class works at the school and has developed his own method for teaching blind people to play handbells. The method involves placing dots on individual scors to indicate what bells are to be played by each person. It requires super fast memorization since you are holding two bells, which might need to be played simultaneously. Reading while playing isn't an option... It was really cool though. We played with sound beams too. You move; they make "music."

I was told that Ziggie looked like a polar bear. I'm not quite sure about that; I'm wondering why he can't just be a dog... He has been doing so well this week. There are three Seeing Eye graduates here, including us. There is also a graduate from Guiding eyes. It amazes me how four dogs can lay in a room together in a setting like this. Sure, there were many more dogs at the Seeing Eye when we were in class, but that was three years ago.

Must fly.

Niente Senza Gioia!

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Today was the first day of classes. I have to say that traveling yesterday was an adventure though before I ramble about today. The airport where I transferred is amazing in its size and the diversity of the people found there. My escort talked from gate to gate about weddings, getting married, having children before said marriage, people who dress up dogs etc. In the middle of this highly stimulating monologue, a man approached me and wanted to know if the critter in the harness I was holding was a dog or a cat. It was fantastic! Window seats are a must on planes; those who travel with dogs know this well.

When I arrived at the school yesterday, we went to dinner, had a long, very long, "hello you are here" meeting. That's about it.

Today, I started classes. Yeah I think I said that already. We start the day with sight singing (they call it "touch and sing" but I think it sounds ridiculous and would rather revel in the irony...) The rest of the day is divided in to 45 minute periods. Really though, I spend the next 90 minutes in my braille music class. I am the only student in the class for the first half and am joined by two others for the second half. This enables me to focus on vocal music specifically first and general skills afterward. Then I go to the lab to practice working with Lime. What's Lime? Basically, it's a music entry program for the computer that does really sweet things and is the method by which I will complete theory assignments to hand in to my professors. Lunch follows lab. We generally have a seminar or activity after lunch; today we learned about sonar, a really awesome music composition software. Then I have my actual lime class for 90 more minutes. My day ends with private theory instruction. Okay, my day doesn't really end; that's just when official classes are over for the day. Dinner, homework and other activities take place at night. It is a lot of the same things that happen during the day, but it is less formal. It isn't written specifically on a schedule. For example, I think I have another theory lesson with a classmate in an hour or so.

It's crazy busy, but I'm learning a ton...and I have my 24 Italian songs and arias in one volume that doesn't look like it has been to war. "It seems fine 'cause I'm having a good time" (anyone???)

Niente Senza Gioia!

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In approximately 9 hours, I will be sitting on a plane bound for Chicago. I will catch another plane there to Philadelphia to attend the Summer Braille Music Institute. It is a week long (really only five and a half days) and it is held at the Overbrook School for the Blind. There are only 6 students, including me. I will be in classes from around 8:30 to "late afternoon..." learning about braille music theory and technology (I have homework too). I'm extremely excited to be going; getting here was a process in and of itself.

I know I will have computer access at the school and I really hope to document my experience thoroughly. This is more of a background entry for anyone who may be reading that didn't know I was going to the Braille Music Institute.

Niente Senza Gioia!

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It's been pretty sweet to be home for me and for Ziggie. I can tell he's been more relaxed this week, which is making it difficult for me to process the issues we had during summer school. We've basically been running around causing ruckuses with Gayle at night. During the day, Ziggie sleeps and I read, talk to people and stir up crazy schemes. I don't have long to do this, so I do plan to take full advantage of these lazy days.

Yesterday, however, was not a lazy day. I left my house at 4:30 A.M with Gayle and Krystal. We went to Montana to go sapphire hunting. Basically, I washed a bunch of rocks so that the pretty sparkly things could be sorted out. It was a lot of fun to go away with friends, listen to music and drink fantastic amounts of coffee. Today, I'm still tired and my arms ar sore and twitchy. I'd totally do it again tomorrow though...maybe not literally tomorrow, but you get the idea.

I have recently discovered the wonder of finding cheap used CD's on amazon. It's beautiful. There's lots of good music out there. It's wild and crazy!

Happy sunday friends of mine!

Niente Senza Gioia!

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Oh, Oh, Oh, how very exciting! Relient K's music was released and heard for the first time by me on Tuesday and it showed up at my door at around 9:00 P.M. yesterday, wednesday. The CD is called "The bird and the B sides." It's all amazing stuff; Relient K got a new drummer. I can't imagine becoming Relient K's new drummer. Oh goodness. Big shoes to fill. So far so good though. "isn't it nice to know that the lining is silver...that we're golden oh oh..."

Niente Senza Gioia!

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I was really excited to learn that since I am living in the same room next year at school, I could store things there over my break. This made moving out a bit less painful, though we still brought lots of things home. I like using this computer better than my school computer right now because I have Itunes and the ability to access facebook on this one. Don't ask me why? I don't know. I do not understand.

Last night, I concocted a music caserole on my ipod. I haven't completely redone it in a long time. It was fun. I have very good music hahaha.

I am home for two weeks, then I will go to Philadelphia for the Braille Music Institute. I have approximately a month between the time I come home from Philly and the beginning of fall semester. Aside from my research, which most of you know about and practicing, I have decided to work on my cooking skills (yeah you read correctly. Heres to my house and limbs staying intact). There are also a few possibly less-than fun things to deal with concerning Ziggie. I'm getting new eyes post-Philly and I'll probably be going to Seattle/Olympia. Other than that, who knows. Mmm I love the potential.

I've been slacking, but trust me, I have not forgotten. Less than 48 hours until Relient K day 2008!!!

Niente Senza Gioia!

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I just wish I could make up my mind these days. I know certain things. I know that I can't seem to get over the fact that I started kindergarten in 1992. I know that there was a loud machine outside that made really irritating noises when I was doing homework earlier. I know that if someone asked me to lend my child to teenagers for a reality TV show so that said teenagers could "experience parenthood," I'd take my child and run far far away, regardless of age, but the younger my child, the farther I would have to be away from the scary people. That's about it.
I can read cuts from my friends page now. I hope I remembered how to do this... I rambled. Have some cuts.

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I have registered for my 5 music classes for the fall. I still have to find something else to take because of credit issues. It took me over 3 months to register. It was crazy!

Niente Senza Gioia!

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