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First route conquered etc - Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
First route conquered etc
The Seeing Eye has a couple of resident animals on "staff." There is at least one dog and one cat who live in an office here. I don't remember these critters being here last time. (at some point during class, students will have a chance to take their dogs into a room where the cat lives to see how the dogs react to the presence of the cat). Anyway, friday morning, the cat decided to sit at the gate of the office and taunt the dogs as they walked to the dining room for breakfast. Aggie did not appreciate this very much.
Aggie and I walked the same route as the previous day on friday. We also did another session with the clickers. I think the clickers are kind of magical; so does Aggie.

I soloed my first route with Aggie. (I actually teamed with another classmate, but apparently it still counts...) In the afternoon, I had my final supervised obedience session with Aggie; now I can do obedience with her independently. The class was also given the official tour of the leisure path, which means I can walk outside on this path with Aggie independently. I also started using clicker training with aggie to teach her where my seat is in the dining room. Fun stuff. I enjoy being able to do more with Aggie independently because I feel like it really encourages the bonding process.

I did not have classes today. I just spent time doing things with Aggie. We have been on the leisure path three times. The furthest gazebo is my new favorite reading place.

Oh I almost forgot. I got Aggie's stats. She is 21.5 inches tall and 54 pounds. Her birthday is September 16. She will be two years old on the day of my recital. Precious right? I don't remember the name of her parents, but will post those once I have a chance to ask someone. One of them is Liberty; I just don't remember the other one.

More adventures tomorrow.

Niente Senza Gioia!
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