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Further adventures... - Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!
Further adventures...
Aggie and I did country work in the morning. This means we worked on walking in neighborhoods where there is no sidewalk. It is relatively simple to do but it's tedious.

In the afternoon, we took a train to a town that is about 15 minutes from where we caught it. Then we caught a bus to come back to where the car was parked. The town where we waited for the bus was kind of a fascinating place. highlights included a guy with a mysterious monkey puppet and some people who were highly amused when one of their friends sat on a hotdog. They all busted out their cell phones and started taking pictures of his hotdog sauce butt...weird town haha.

We had another clicker training lecture after dinner.

We went on a trip to a drugstore this morning. In the afternoon, Aggie met the resident cat face-to-face. She was so excited that she was shaking and the only thing that I could do to distract her was clicker training practice. I also got Aggie's puppy profile. Aside from the fact that I now know Aggie was raised by adults, that she enjoys swimming and she has had some classroom exposure, I didn't learn much that I hadn't already figured out. She apparently has some hard-core chewing impulses, but I haven't really seen that yet. When i let her off leash, she went to her crate voluntarily and i view this as a good sign.

Tomorrow, I may go to church in the morning and I have the afternoon free. I'll be sure to write after my trip to New York on Monday.

Niente Senza Gioia!

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