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Niente Senza Gioia!--Nothing without joy!


Most of my entries are protected; I write just slightly more often than it would appear.
aaron copland, accessibility, adolescent development, adoption, africa, anti-bias curriculum, apples, arias, attachment theory, awesome people, babies, baroque music, beethoven, bible study, books, braille, braille literacy, braille music, candy canes, causing ruckus, child care, child development, childhood, children's choirs, choir, choral methods, choral music, christian education, christianity, classical music, classroom management, coffee, cognitive development, communication, conducting, contemplating things, cookie dough ice cream, cosby show, creativity, developmentally appropriate practice, disabilities, dogs, early childhood education, early intervention, education, emotional development, emotional intelligence, faith development, families, friends, god, golden retrievers, good conversation, good quotes, google, grieg, handel, hawk nelson, hillsong, human development, imaginative teaching, inclusion, italian, italy, jesus, language development, laughter, learning, learning disabilities, love and logic, meeting people, middle school, mozart, multiple intelligences, music education, music education advocacy, music history, music theory, myth busters, nutrition, opera, orange juice, pancakes, people, piano, play doh, positive discipline, projects, reading, relationships, relient k, religions, research, seeing eye dogs, sensory integration, sensory processing, singing, social development, special education, special needs ministry, spiritual development, st. jude children's hospital, starbucks, sweet accompaniments, teaching, the african children's choir, the reggio emilia approach, torey hayden, tree 63, vivaldi, vocal pedagogy, voice, words